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EXTEND News Competition – “Why Do You Like EXTEND Exercise Classes?”

We have pleasure in announcing the winners of the above competition from the recent edition of EXTEND News, as follows:

Winner – Class Participant: Betty Clark (attends Barbara Weldon’s class at Dursley, Glocs.)
“Inspirational teacher, life changing exercises, music, dance, fun, kind friends. What makes life worth living.”

Runner Up - Class Participant: Geoff Sykes (attends Vicky Allison’s class in Derby.)
“The exercise is both necessary and enjoyable, the teacher fantastic and the socialising most uplifting.”

Winner – Teacher: Carol Woodford (teaching classes currently at Newport, Pontypool and Risca.)
To flex and bend
To find a friend
To move along
and enjoy the song

Thank you to everyone who entered the competition and well done to our worthy winners.


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