Important notice to EXTEND teachers only

In light of changes in legislation the Vulnerable Adults and children's policy is currently being reviewed and updated. An updated policy will be made available to all affiliated teachers and qualifying candidates once it has received the Trustee approval.


There have been significant changes in arrangements to access criminal records checks – particularly in England and Wales.

The Criminal Record Bureau has been replaced by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). Changes in legislation and guidance have redefined the roles, types of work and activities which make someone eligible for a DBS check.

The decision about whether or not you will be eligible and required to provide a DBS check is made by your employer (for either paid and/or voluntary positions). EXTEND is not your employer and as such cannot ask for a DBS Certificate.

Before an organisation considers asking a person to make an application for a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)check, they are legally responsible for ensuring that they are entitled to ask that person to reveal their conviction history.

It is not possible to request a criminal records check on yourself. If you need to run a check on yourself, you can get a more limited ‘basic disclosure’ with details of any unspent convictions via Disclosure Scotland (from anywhere in the UK).

Many organisations ask their volunteers to complete a self declaration to provide details of unspent convictions, but the eligibility rules (in the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974) for self declarations are the same as for DBS checks, and so EXTEND is not entitled to ask its teachers to complete a self declaration.

If you are employed, or are a volunteer, for a day centre, hospitals, residential home, club etc. They will tell you if you are eligible and require you to apply for a DBS Check. You should obtain the DBS Certificate through the organisation requiring the DBS Certificate and show it to anyone entitled to have sight of it.

Please check with the Criminal Records agency in your area to check if you need a DBS:
England and Wales: The Disclosure and Barring Service. PO Box 165, Liverpool, L69 3JD. Tel: 0870 909 0811

Scotland: Disclosure Scotland, PO Box 250. Glasgow, G51 1YU. Tel:08706096006

Northern Ireland: Access Northern Ireland, PO Box 1085, Belfast, BT5 9BD 0300 200 7888