Mission Statement

EXTEND provides gentle exercise to music for older people and for anyone of any age with a disability. Our mission is to promote health, increase mobility and independence, improve strength, co-ordination and balance and to counteract loneliness and isolation.

There are around 11 million people of pensionable age in the UK, some 20% of the population. Of this group, nearly 40% are totally sedentary. EXTEND exists to promote physical training and education for persons over sixty and less able people of any age. The charity helps them to develop their physical, mental and spiritual capacity, realise their full potential as individuals and members of society and improve their quality of life.


While 40% of all people in the UK have sedentary lifestyles, it is estimated that up to 80% of ethnic minority elders are sedentary, leading to a greater risk of degenerative disease. EXTEND is sensitive to this particularly vulnerable population group, having special regard to the beliefs, way of life and customs of these distinct cultural groups. This work is carried out in co-operation with local social providers to help redress the imbalance in health experienced by our older ethnic populations.