About Extend


Our purpose is to provide quality assured training, accredited qualifications and best practice advice for our teachers of recreational exercise to music for the over-sixties and those less able of any age.

EXTEND Exercise is a Registered Charity. It is managed by trustees, appointed because of their special expertise, together with EXTEND officers from the Executive Committee. The trustees attend 3-4 meetings per year including the AGM (held annually in the month of April).

The EXTEND Exercise Organisation
EXTEND Exercise is a well-governed and well-structured organisation.

EXTEND Exercise has roots in exercise, health, movement and dance. Participants are encouraged to ‘keep fit’ because they know it is good for them to exercise. It is also fun, an opportunity to meet people, it is stimulating, it encourages a sense of well being, personal satisfaction and achievement.

How is EXTEND achieving financial independence?

EXTEND Exercise operates 'Friendships' for individuals who wish to support the work of EXTEND Exercise financially; this is our primary source of Gift Aid funding. Please visit our Sponsorship and Fundraising page, click on Fundraising News for more information.

EXTEND Exercise is interested in working with both public and private organisations. Please visit our Sponsorship and Fundraising page and click on organisations for further details on this and other partnerships/projects.

An occasional Review is published to promote and 'showcase' the work of EXTEND Exercise, its achievements and targets for future projects. Please click here to view the latest Review.

We are an organisation which has developed over the years through the support and enterprise of many hundreds of teachers who have undergone our 14 day Exercise to Music course. Not only do we depend on the support and also the goodwill of our volunteers, but we are also dependent on continual donations and grants to support our cause.

It is clear that the work of EXTEND Exercise performs a useful and vital service to older people and those less able of any age. The physical, mental and social benefits bestowed on their groups by EXTEND trained teachers speak for themselves. By significantly improving and maintaining the health and well being of otherwise frail people, EXTEND Exercise reduces public expenditure by health and social departments throughout the UK.

On a final note, we appreciate those of you who support our work financially. The recession is inevitably putting a strain on charities. As we seek to meet the increasing needs of the elderly and less able of any age, we'd like to thank everyone for their ongoing support to EXTEND Exercise. We really couldn't do it without the loyal supporters of EXTEND.


EXTEND Teachers are accredited through The Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs).
Diploma Teachers are now able to join REPs with the registration status of “Level 2 EXTEND Teachers”, and will enjoy all the rights and benefits of this recognition as full members. If they also hold other exercise and fitness qualifications these will be added to their status of registration. For further information please visit the Courses page.

Sport and Recreation Alliance (Formally the CCPR)

EXTEND Exercise is a member of the Sport and Recreation Alliance, an umbrella body of over 300 national governing bodies of sport and recreation across the UK. Click here for the home page
The Sport and Recreation Alliance promotes the interests of sport and recreation, they also campaign on issues affecting National Governing Bodies of sport and recreation.

EXTEND Exercise is part of the Movement and Dance Division. Please click here for the Movement and Dance Divisional page.
Tracy Levy is the representative for EXTEND.

EXTEND 'fits in' to its local community, embracing language and cultural differences as a matter of course. In Surrey it is as natural as the W.I. and in predominantly Asian or Afro-Caribbean neighbourhoods it 'struts its stuff' to Raga or Reggae. This naturalness and inclusivity rapidly overcomes the reticence of newcomers and folds them into a stimulating, happy, shared event, which could just become a life-extending experience. Due to the nature and the work of EXTEND Exercise, the classes and teachers work in partnership with the local communities. EXTEND teachers are able to plan and deliver classes to suit the physical and cultural needs of their participants in relation to their locality and general geographical demand.